Client Stories: In order to reduce power consumption and carbon emission, produce pollution free electricity -Carbo Neutral

Client Name: Carbo NeutralSector: Energy and utilitiesClient Objective: In order to reduce power consumption and carbon emission, produce pollution free electricity and to attract maximum customers.Another key objective is creating job opportunities in the society. Solution:Prushaltech designed an informative website to expand their reach of efficient natural energy services.Benefits:●  Easy to access new customers.●  Two-way communication.●  Improved customer service.
About Carbon Neutral:Carbon Neutral has been set up to develop significant Megawatts (MWs) of Solar energy, wind energy, Biogas and Bioengergy generation capacities in India. Carbon Neutral is also working towards the concept of Energy efficient buildings, efficient lighting and energy management solutions in order to reduce power consumption and carbon emission.Carbon Neutral will ensure a transition to low carbon power generation, creating job opportunities in the society and contributing towards the development of com…

Client Stories: Empowering manufacturing domain with strong digital presence - Neelansh Equipment & Machines

Client Name:  Neelansh Equipment & MachinesSector: ManufacturingClient Objective: The main goal of Neelansh Equipment and Machines is to improve customer support and customer satisfaction through better service. Another key objective is to   develop customer-reach, and provide a unique customer experience. 
Solution: Prushaltech designed an SEO friendly website which provides an efficient way for Neelansh Equipments & Machines to introduce their products and their services .
About Neelansh Equipments & Machines:Neelansh Equipments & Machines is salient manufacturer, supplier & exporter of stainless steel equipments and furniture items for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Hospital and Commercial Kitchen.They focus on design and fabrication of cleanroom stainless steel furniture and equipment to meet the proper demand of client from industries ranging from Pharmaceutical, Biotech to Hospitals.At the helm of the manufacturing chain, Neelansh Equipments & Machines is able to…

Client Stories : Build mobile app to sell cake and bake treats for every occasion -U K bakers

Client Name:  UK bakersSector: EcommerceClient Objective:  Uk bakers project objective aims:●Build up an online bakery which rarely exists in their area.●Save time and efforts
Create An Online Store to Sell Cake and Bakery Products:Bakery industry is one of the emerging industries with the trend of modernization celebration. Every small occasion is now a day celebrated greatly and cake is one of the basic needs of celebration be it 1st month anniversary, birthdays, engagement, farewells, promotions, etc.To fulfil the baked cravings of people it is mandatory to be present across your crowd and to serve them anytime anywhere. UK bakers decided to  create their own ecommerce mobile app to deliver their bakery items.They selected Prushaltech for android application development. Prushaltech designed an attractive native app that ensures robust performance. This application allows easy sorting and filtering to help consumers find their desired products. This application makes the checkout pr…

Client Stories : To connect customers directly and enhance business profitability - DazzlePay

Client Name: DazzlePay
Sector: Fintech, payment solutionsClient Objective:The main objective of the project was to connect customers directly and enhance business profitability.Solution: Prushaltech designed and implemented Java Spring Hibernate software, which standardized Payment processes.Benefits:   Significant increase in merchants.   Improved Customer engagement.   Improved Customer Loyalty.   Improved sales.   Increased Profit.
About Dazzlepay:  Dazzlepay provides fintech platform that enablesretailers/corporates/bank in building engagement and connecting with their customers using digital payments at its core. Dazzlepay provides end to end services for the domains like Merchant Acquiring and payment gatewayservices,Prepaid card issuance, Wallet platform and Loyalty solutions. Patanjali Ayurved, the second largest FMCG company in India uses Dazzlepay services for a Prepaid plus loyalty program.Dazzlepay integrated platform is a digital platform that combines digital payments and …

Client Stories: to improve the current and potential clients and to promote and market the organization -PSP-IP

Client Name: PSP-IPSector: ServiceClient Objectives: The main objective is to improve the current and potential clients and to promote and market the organization.
Solution: Prushaltech  designed an informative website which is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops. The website provides helpful links to the upcoming events, contact page,information about the internships they provide and blogs for the clients effectively.
About PSP-IP:PSP-IP is a people and process driven firm that offers a wide array of Intellectual property (IP) services.They provide tailored, high-quality, and cost-effective end-to-end IP and branding solutions, commercially-astute advice across a broad range of technical and legal disciplines.PSP-IP caters to a global clientele that includes global corporations, research institutions, law firms, in-house IP counsel, investors, start-ups, individual inventors, and technology driven industries.They aim to attract, develop and retain the best people, treatin…

Client Stories: To rehabilitate the children of female sex workers who are at risk to entering prostitution -Seema Project

Client name: Rev. Haribhau Waghmode PatilPratishthan(RHWPP)Sector: NGO(Social Work)Client objectives: The main objective of Seema Project is to rehabilitate the children of female sex workers who are at risk to entering prostitution. Their vision is to remove the children of sex workers from the red light area of Pune and torehabilitate them to be useful members of the society and provide them with new hope and beginning.Solution: Prushaltech designed a website which provides an effective way to spread the awareness about child protection, HIV/AIDS.
About Seema Project:Rev. Haribhau Waghmode Patil Pratishthan(RHWPP) was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization with headquarters in Pune, India. It is registered under BPT Act 1950 number F-20332 and FCRA Act 1976 number 083930502.RHWPP provides health education programmes to schools and communities under the Pune Municipal Corporation raising health awareness amongst female Sex Workers , truckers, police, slum dwellers and children.R…


Client Name: Vaidyutaka Energy private LimitedSector: E-commerceClient Objectives: Main goal of Vaidyutaka is to provide a platform for businesses to operate freely and reach wider customers. Customer reaching, High sales, Products quality and on time delivery are some of the needs of  business. And the key objective is to fulfill these needs.Solution:  Prushaltech  designed a user-friendly website that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops. The website provides helpful links to the company contact details, shop and cart  information for the clients effectively.
About Vaidyutaka :  Vaidyutaka Energy private Limited was privately incorporated on 23 may 2020. It is classified as a non-government company and it is registered at Registrar of companies ,Jaipur.   They provide security solutions and services.Vaidyutaka offers different categories of products like sirens, alarms and various sensors for security purposes.Their mission is to satisfy clients needs by providing bes…